My drawings and paintings can be described as diagrams doubled over other diagrams, in search of yet another level of diagram that never quite knows which time it is in. Time and cultural syntax are spliced together, but spliced in ways that leaves gaps or striations. The brain is strange in the way it is able to process and create reality. Something is not there and then it is there: a drawing might mediate such a passage between absence and presence. This corresponds to the process of recording and erasing.

I am absorbed within discrete histories such as carpet and textile weaving, cuneiform writing tablets, mathematical syntax, computing, and painting. On the level of self-reflection, it appears that I am fascinated by the proximity of the technological and the aesthetic whilst struggling to find forms capable of extending the limited experience of what lies in-between.

Adia Wahid
Born in Karachi, Pakistan
Lives and works in London, UK

2016-2018 Royal College of Art
2008 -2012 Chelsea College of Arts and Design
1991-1993 London School of Economics and Political Science

Upcoming Exhibitions
2020 Freelands Foundation, London, Grit
2020 Milton Gallery, London, Grid Collective

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Alice Black Art, London, Adia Wahid

Group Exhibitions
2019 Thames Side Studios Gallery, London, Modern Finance
2019 Fitzrovia Gallery, London, A Raw Garden
2019 The Palace of Westminster-celebrating 100 years of Suffragettes, London, Barry Bliss: 30 Women Painters
2019 Blyth Gallery, London, Grid::Preset
2018 Royal College of Art, London, Link-Up Motive : Karkhana Project
2018 Royal College of Art, London, MA Show
2018 Abstract Project, Paris, Intercontinental Line 2
2018 Hockney Gallery, London, Thumbnails
2017 Royal College of Art, London, WIP Show
2017 Second Floor Studios, London, Three 100
2016 Lychee One, London, The Abstraction of Continents and Continents of Abstraction
2016 Turps Gallery, London, Turps Summer Show
2016 Rye Creative, Rye, Correspondence Show
2016 The Artworks, Halifax, Correspondence Show
2014 Turps Banana End of Year Show, London, Correspond
2012 Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, Degree Show

Essays, Publications and Mentions
2019 Grid::Preset, Ivan Seal
2018 FAD Magazine, Adia Wahid
2017 Adia Wahid Catalogue Essay, John Slyce, Adia Wahid: The Everyday Practices of Life
2017 Wall Street International, Adia Wahid Harmonious Discord
2017 World of Interiors, Adia Wahid
2017 Lychee One Exhibition Essay, Jonathan Miles, The Abstraction of Continents and Continents of Abstraction
2012 Abstract Critical – Painting Around the Degree Shows